School fundraising ideas for your playground

We’re full of fun, effective school playground fundraising ideas to help you get the money you need for your new equipment.

It’s not just the equipment you need to think about when building your new playground. You often need to think about design, surfacing, and installation costs too. Choosing Image Playgrounds helps you bring those extra costs down, as we offer a free site survey and 3D design for your play space.

We know that quality playgrounds don’t come cheap but will work hard to help you get the best play space for your budget. By using some of these school playground fundraising ideas, you’ll raise the money you need in to time.

school children on a playground wobble board

Host events on your play space

Inviting parents and family members to events hosted on the play space helps show them exactly what you hope to achieve. If you’ve got a school play on, for example, have the audience gather on your playground before the show or during the interval. Sell refreshments and talk about your plans for improvements.

Recycling schemes

There are lots of opportunities for you to turn recycling into money for your playground. Look around for local places that are offering money for cans, clothes, ink cartridges, mobile phones, and even wine corks! Parents and teachers alike will be delighted to help you raise funds in this way and do their bit for the environment.

Host school marathons

Things like jogathons or readathons can be great school fund raising ideas and get the kids involved with sport and reading. Your students will get stuck into their challenge and encourage their mums, dads, siblings, aunties, uncles, grandparents, family friends, neighbours, and whoever else to sponsor them per mile run or chapter read.

These types of events help all the school get involved and working together to raise money for their new playground.

School fairs

They’ve been tried and tested over many years and school fairs are always popular. Fill it with games, food stalls, and raffles. Involve the teachers too with things like “soak the teacher” to get students excited and coming back for more turns.

Host a big night in

Big nights in are some of our favourite school fundraising ideas. They can also be a great way to get the community involved. Promote your big night in and gather people together to watch a film, eat snacks and drink hot chocolate. Ask your guests to donate what they might ordinarily spend on a night out.

Spread the word

Let as many people know about your fundraising efforts as possible. Use your communications channels to make sure everyone with an interest in your school knows about your plans. You could even approach the local paper with some well written copy about your activities.

Run a car wash

A car wash is another classic fundraising event. Grab your buckets and sponges from the cleaning cupboards and get all hands on deck to make cars sparkle

Bake sales

Who doesn’t love a good bake sale? Use your social media and school newsletter to let families know what’s happening and when. Your students will be so excited by the idea of cakes during school and you’ll raise lots of money for your playground. The same idea works with break time tuck shops too.

Non uniform days

Non uniform days are a fantastic way to raise funds. You could even theme your day with things like wear a hat to school day or pyjama day so that parents won’t need to go out and buy something special. You don’t want your fund raising to become a stress for your parents.

child decorating cookies

children playing sports at school

Talk to local businesses

Local business owners might be willing to help. They might donate some money to your playground funds or prize items for your events and games. You might want to offer an incentive like features to parents in newsletters or on social media, and make sure to invite them to your official playground opening. Business owners might even have their own school fundraising ideas they can share with you.

Sports days

Parents love to see their children having fun in the outdoors. Invite families along to sports days have food and drink stalls, tombola and raffle games, and have students wander around the audience with donation buckets.

PE and Sports Premium

Primary schools can be eligible for PE and Sport Premium funding. How much your school could be allocated will depend on the number of students in your school aged between 5 and 10.

You’re able to use the premium to develop your PE, physical activity and sports activities that you already offer. Lots of playground equipment meets the requirements for this funding to give you additional support for your school fundraising.

Find out more about the PE and Sport Premium

Chopwell Primary school playground

Grants for school playgrounds

Grants for school playgrounds do exist, though you’ll have to put in some hard work to win them. Availability and eligibility for grant funding is constantly changing, but here are a few reliable places you can try:

National Lottery fund

Heritage lottery fund

Grants 4 Schools

There are lots of school playground fundraising ideas that you can jump on to raise the money you need for your new equipment. Take a look at our fundraising page for more advice.

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