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Traditional and innovative playground swings for all ages

Develop balance, coordination and strength through play

Playground swings are a classic piece of equipment all children love to see at play time. As they enjoy soaring through the air, they’re developing their balance, coordination and strength. Our sturdy, reinforced timber constructions help to ensure that the swings can safely be used for many years.

Image Playgrounds offer a selection of wooden playground swings for all age ranges. Infants, early years and older children can all use our swings for an exhilarating flight. Our basket swing is a great choice for collaborative play, as more than one child can use it at a time. Plus, our exciting rope swing offers a new and exciting take on the traditional swing design.

If you’d like to get any of our exciting playground swings installed in your space, please get in touch. We’re able to customise all our designs to your themes and colour scheme, as well as the age and abilities of your intended users.

Develops Agility
Increases Coordination
Builds Strength
Supports Spatial Awareness

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