Fitness can be fun with a playground workout

Childhood obesity is at an all-time high. Public Health England report that 34.3% of year 6 children in the UK are clinically obese. That’s a staggering figure. It’s not a problem that can easily be solved, and families, schools, government and wider society need to pull together to make a real difference to children’s lives.

Your playground is a key part of your efforts to help tackle childhood obesity. With fun, challenging equipment, children can enjoy a playground workout every time they head outside.

Fun playground workout ideas

What is a playground other than a big assault course? Children naturally love to run and jump when they play, and your equipment can take that that energy and create a full playground workout.

log to tyre walk as part of a playground workout

Log to tyre walk

The log to tyre walk offers children a challenge they find hard to resist. They can compete with their friends to see who can get from one end to the other in the fastest time.

It’s great exercise as they have to support their body weight as they move from block to tyre. The walk will also help them strengthen their core muscles as they work hard to maintain their balance.


Scatterlogs are a fantastic playground workout for children of all ages. The mixture of different climbing materials make sure they have to concentrate on their body positions and choose the right strength to be able to ascend. The size and difficulty of your scatterlog can be suited to the target age of your playground.

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scatterlog as part of a playground workout

Playground swings

Yes, even swinging counts as exercise! Yet, it doesn’t feel like an arduous workout so it’s a great way to help children burn some calories without noticing. Legs, tum and bum get a fantastic work out on the swings and it helps children develop their balance. Plus, it’s just great fun.

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Zig zag climbing wall

The zig zag climbing wall is perfect for building muscle and shedding excess weight. Climbing is a fantastic whole body exercise and you don’t need to be really fit to be able to succeed. Success is more about technique, although children will get fitter and stronger the more they climb.

Climbing is also really good for teaching invaluable problem solving skills that children will use throughout their lives. A climbing wall is a fantastic piece of equipment for your playground.

climbing system as part of a playground workout

Tower systems

Tower systems are great as they keep children coming back for more. They race to the top so they can slide all the way back down again. It’s the perfect way to get them moving and enjoying exercise. Your tower system can be as simple or complex as you like. Start with a basic ladder and slide, and expand out to full climbing systems.

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There are lots of amazing pieces of equipment that you can use to give children a playground workout without them even noticing it’s exercise. Encouraging children outdoors with an exciting playground full of challenges is the perfect way to get them moving.

Childhood obesity isn’t something that is going to get better by itself. We all need to work together to help children be active. An incredible playground is a big step towards achieving that goal.

If you’d like to transform your play space with new and exciting equipment perfect for playground workouts, get in touch.

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