Playground Maintenance

Simple tips to maintain your play space

Timber Care

All our timber is treated against rot, fungal and decay plus insect infestation.  This treatment process leaves the timber a light natural green colour and requires no further treatment as this may damage the timber and prevent the the treatment from protecting the timber in the way designed.

Your timber may become slightly rough in areas of heavy or constant use.  To solve this simply sand down with some course sand paper as part of your regular playground maintenance.

They are guaranteed not to crack above 8mm ROSPA guidelines state that cracks should not exceed 10mm.

All of our timber posts carry a 10 year service life guarantee.

clean playground safety surface after playground maintenance


Our Rubber Safety Surface is generally a maintenance free product. It should be kept free of debris and detritus such as leaves at all times. Over hanging branches should be cut back as far as possible to minimise sap and leaves from landing on the surface.

Image playground recommends cleaning your playground surface a minimum of once a year with a hose pipe and then brushing to remove any build up of debris.

In adverse weather conditions the surface may be prone to frost and/or ice. The surface will not be affected by the application of granular salt or grit. Following application we recommend that the surface is BRUSHED to eliminate any spoil, grime or build up.

As well as for safety to children, solvent or petrochemical and oil based products (including weed killers) should NOT be used AND WILL INVALIDATE THE GUARANTEE.

Eco Mat Care

Take care and consideration when mowing and check fixing pins are in place during playground maintenance and inspections.

If you are in any doubt, please feel free to contact us on: 01347 878747.

Canopy or Sale Shades Weather Warning

There are a few occasions for instance, when there has been a heavy down pour of snow and ice that precautionary measures need to be taken. Our structures are tested and calculations have been performed, however, when snow and ice builds up the structure is subjected to higher than average load bearing of snow. To ensure safety these guidelines must be adhered to:

Shade Sails

A build up of heavy snow on the shade cloth can cause a strain on the fixings and damage to the cloth. Therefore it is advisable to ensure snow is cleared by simply pushing the sail skywards using a broom. This will easily release any snow or ice build up.


A build up of heavy snow can put excess strain on the canopy. It is therefore advisable to ensure snow is cleared regularly from the roof using a long handled broom. This will easily release any snow build up and prevent ice forming on the roof.