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Encourage children’s creativity with a playground sandpit

Give children an exciting sensory experience through sand

Encourage creativity by including sand play equipment in your nursery or primary school playground. Sand offers a simple yet entertaining play experience. It encourages children’s imaginations as well as their desire to explore.

We have a range of different outdoor sandpit equipment that varies in size to accommodate individual and group play. They’re hard-wearing, durable and able to withstand daily use. Our simple playground sandpit design comes with protective lid and is ideal for smaller spaces.

So that lots of children can play together, we offer a round sandpit design. We size each sandpit to suit your available space and help to encourage cooperative play. The popular sand transporter is also always well loved by children as it offers more of a fun challenge with travelling bucket and multiple sand boxes.

Why not also enhance your playground sandpit with water play equipment too? Combine sand and water for a fun and varied experience for children. Contact us today to talk about bringing sand play equipment into your space as well as to arrange your free site survey and 3D design.

Co-operative Play
Communication Skills
Encourages Creativity
Problem Solving Skills
Gross & fine motor skills

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