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Outdoor classrooms and shelters

Enhance your outdoor space with classrooms, shelters and gazebos

Supporting innovative and exciting learning in the natural environment

Take a look at our range of fantastic shelters, seating and outdoor learning areas. We know that children learn best when it’s fun, because that’s when it’s memorable! Outdoor learning offers a welcome break from the classroom and also allows children to engage more with the natural world around them.

Image Playgrounds have a wide range of different options to suit schools, cafes and caravan parks in whatever space they have available. We offer everything from smaller more compact learning shelters to grand gazebos, all of which can be customised to perfectly match your theme.

We offer oversized story telling chairs, pergolas and amphitheatre designs, easily tailored to your space and play needs. Some of our classroom designs also have built in seating, while others are more informal. These spaces double up as fantastic rest areas and social spaces during play time too.

If you’d like to talk about our designs and ideas for outdoor classrooms, please get in touch today. Our expert designers work to your exact specifications and we offer a 3D design and free site consultation with every playground.

Better Physical Health
Greater Lesson Retention
Engagement with Natural World
Increased Social Skills

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Image Playgrounds offer playground design services
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Our team have years of experience planning and designing playgrounds. We can help you choose the equipment that best suits your requirements, budget and space.

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