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Playground Installation

Minimising disruption, maximising fun

Our experienced playground installation team fit your new equipment without issue. It will meet all industry and safety regulations as well as maximising the fun to be found in your space. We are proud of our accreditations and take the safety of any playground user very seriously. We work efficiently to ensure there is minimal disruption to you and the people using your play area.

Before your equipment is installed, the team check to make sure the site is ready. Before any playground installation work begins, we:
  • Check the site for any complications that may hinder the installation.
  • Mark out where all the post holes will go.
  • Excavate the holes for the equipment and check they are at the correct level.

If everything is in order, our team will install your exciting new playground equipment. They’ll make sure all the posts are sturdy and that each new structure is safe for the children to play on. Any safety surfaces will also be installed on a pre-arranged date. Only once we’re satisfied everything is in perfect working order will we allow children to try the new equipment. 

girls using equipment after successful playground installation

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