Outdoor musical instruments | Musical playground equipment

Outdoor musical instruments

Experiment with sound in the playground

Inspire creativity and a love of music in your playground

Our outdoor musical instruments use sound to give kids a fun and creative play experience. Children respond incredibly well to musical equipment and it’s always a favourite in the playground. Kids love to make noise and experiment with sound.

We have an extensive range of musical equipment you can bring into your space. Our playground instruments include: chimes and drums as well as bells and xylophones. These can be used individually or in small groups to allow for collaborative music making.

When bringing music into your playground, you can mix and match instruments as standalone pieces or create a whole stage for children to enjoy. Our playground music station combines a variety of different outdoor musical instruments to allow for group sessions. These are great for increasing teamwork and cooperation, ideal for outdoor learning, and playing different instruments is just great fun!

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Sensory Play
Encourages Creativity
Co-operative Play
Fine Motor Skills

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