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Where all the best playgrounds begin

Playground design is where your play space begins to come to life. It’s where your ideas begin take shape and you get your first glimpse of what your new playground will look like.

Our imaginative playground design team will discuss your play space at length with you following your free initial consultation and site survey. Then, they’ll begin planning out the layout and experimenting with ideas and concepts.

Using the latest in CAD software the designers will create a life-like 3D image of your play space. We show you how the equipment will look once it’s built and installed. While we have our favourite pieces of equipment that never fail to delight children, our talented team love coming up with bespoke designs too. Whatever your playground theme, we’ll be able to design and create exciting pieces of equipment to match.

We also ensure all our team regularly undertake courses, training and research. We’re dedicated to providing you with the high level of service you deserve.

As part of our product design department, we utilise a state of the art software package. The design interface and integrated software help us to create some exciting and innovative play spaces. We can engineer and build our products with a high level of accuracy on screen. This also allows us to easily overcome any problems that may occur during manufacturing.

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Free design and consultation

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Our team have years of experience planning and designing playgrounds. We help you choose the equipment that best suits your requirements, budget and space.

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