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Exciting outdoor mud kitchen designs for messy play

Inspire creative, sensory play with outdoor mud kitchens

Our wooden outdoor mud kitchen is the perfect solution for messy play. Children love to play with natural “ingredients” and get creative as they gain more experiences of the outdoors. Swap screens and the classroom for time spent enjoying the natural world and hands on learning. This wooden mud kitchen helps inspire their play and gives them the space to create those all-important mud pies.

We design our mud kitchens for continual outdoor use. They’re sturdy and built to the height of your intended users. We include space inside for “cooking” and for storing any utensils children. There’s also plenty of surface space for mixing recipes and we have a very special potion table that allows for even more fun.

If you’d like to get a mud kitchen and potion table in your playground, please get in touch with the friendly team at Image Playgrounds.

New Sensory Experiences
Social Development
Inspires Creativity and Messy Play
Maths and Science Education
Connection with the Natural World

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