Carrying out a playground inspection

We recommend that you regularly carry out a playground inspection on your site to make sure everything is in perfect working order. Playgrounds have to withstand a lot, both from the UK weather and the children who play there.

Here are our tips for carrying out a thorough playground inspection.

hut, slide and swings which need a regular playground inspection

Record it all

It seems simple, but make sure you record every time you conduct an inspection. Make a note of anything that you see which isn’t in perfect working order so you have clear records of any issues. This will help you take the appropriate action.

Cover the whole site

It might be tempting just to look at your equipment during your playground inspection, but it’s important to cover the whole site. Check your fences, gates, paths and seats too while you’re looking things over.

Check out your nuts and bolts

With the daily hammering your playground takes, it’s always a good idea to check that all your nuts and bolts are tight and snug. This is a simple bit of maintenance that you can easily carry out yourself.

Consider every bit of equipment

Consider every piece of equipment in your playground inspection. Some key things to be aware of as you go round are:

  • Timber and metal posts, ropes and barriers need to be undamaged and free from decay or rust
  • Swings, roundabouts and spring equipment all move smoothly and quietly
  • Safety barriers and steps should be damage free
  • Ground fittings are stable and damage free

If something doesn’t look 100% perfect, you should record it for further action.

bridge, surfacing and spring play equipment that needs a playground inspection

Are you litter free?

On your plagyground inspection, make sure there are no bits of litter hanging around the site and that any bins are looking clean and aren’t overflowing.


Any signage on your site should be legible and easily spotted. Make sure your signs are clean and not hidden behind any encroaching plants!


Give your playground surfacing a thorough inspection; it’s a crucial part of your site. Check for damaged spots and make sure any places with loose-fill surfaces are topped up to the correct level.

Train others

There shouldn’t be just one person in charge of playground inspections. Train as many people as possible on your inspection routine and get all hands on deck.

Call in playground inspection experts

Of course, there are times when your playground might need some professional help. That’s where we come in!

Just get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to help you get your site back into perfect condition.

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