5 pieces of playground equipment you’re missing

There’s no set structure for designing a playground, but over 25 years’ experience has shown us there are some pieces of play equipment that always delight children.

You probably have lots of ideas for your space and we would absolutely love to hear them! Our creative team love coming up with new ideas based on your themes, perfectly bringing them to life and making your vision a reality.

Take a look at some of the things that we think are often overlooked when talking about a playground design.

School mud kitchen created by Image Playgrounds

Mud kitchens

Mud kitchens are a great way to inspire creativity and a love of nature. They really set your playground apart from others in the area and can be a great educational tool. Children can get stuck into messy play, learn about nature, discover different textures as they make their role play meals.

We love coming up with new mud kitchen designs and fitting them into your available space. Whether you’re designing a full new play space or want to include some new equipment in your existing space, get in touch.


Roundabouts are a classic piece of playground equipment. Children love spinning round and round with their friends, enjoying the unusual sensation and seeing how fast they can go.

Thanks to advancements in playground safety, children are perfectly safe as they use this piece of equipment. Playground surfacing is specially designed to increase protection from falls by absorbing the impact and our roundabouts are level with the ground so there’s no step to negotiate when dizzy.

Sand equipment

Many playground owners worry about the maintenance required with sand equipment, but we’re here to make it simple! Our playground sandboxes come fitted with easy to use lids to help keep the sand clean while not in use.

Playing in sand is a great way for children to have new experiences, discover new textures and work on their fine motor skills.

Drawing boards

Installing drawing boards in your playground is a simple way to add something a little different to your space that inspires creativity. They’re also a fantastic teaching aid, making it really easy to blend play and learning for children.

Image Playgrounds offers a selection of white boards and black boards that can be easily installed in any play area. Keep the wipeable markers and chalk handy, because these boards are always well used!

children playing in a sandbox

playground planter seating

Planter seats

When thinking about a playground, the seating is often overlooked in favour of the more exciting playground towers and adventure equipment. But, cleverly installed playground seating is a real asset to your space.

Our planter benches, for example, offer a practical seating solution for parents, guardians, teachers and children. They also add a gentle border to your playground and provide a space to add plants and shrubbery. This helps blend your playground into the natural environment and helps to teach children about the changing seasons.


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