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Wooden Playground Equipment

There are lots of advantages to using wooden playground equipment in your space. It’s a very popular play material and the team at Image Playgrounds works with it almost every day. We love creating exciting playground equipment from wood and get lots of opportunities to work with it.

Take a look at some of the benefits to installing wooden playground equipment in your play area.

South Street wooden play equipment

Benefits of using wooden playground equipment


Wood is a sustainable resource. Using sustainable timer in play equipment means that as well as providing a fun place to play for our children now, we’re also helping to safeguard their futures too. Our factory is custom built to be low carbon workspace, and any waste timber becomes fuel for our heating systems. Learn more about our manufacturing process.

Easy to customise

Wood is a very easy material to work with and offers us a lot of opportunity to customise design. Whatever your theme, our clever designers will be able to create your perfect wooden outdoor play equipment.

Keeps it natural

Your outdoor space doesn’t want to be full of lots of harsh, man-made materials. Using wood for your playground equipment is a much more natural material and complements your space rather than dominating and changing it.


Unlike metal, wood will not rust. When properly treated, wooden playground equipment is durable and long lasting. We treat all our timber against rot, fungus, decay and insect infestation. All our timber posts come with a 10 year guarantee.

Low maintenance

Wooden playground equipment is easy to maintain. In areas of high use, you might notice some slight ware, but this can be easily sanded down again during regular playground maintenance. It’s also easy to remove any graffiti from wooden equipment too, if any vandalism should occur.

Valuable learning tool

We all know how much children can learn through play, but you can use your natural playground equipment to teach them all about sustainability and environmental responsibilities.

wooden adventure playground trim trail

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