Wet pour or rubber mulch

When it comes to playground surfacing, you have lots of options, including popular wet pour or rubber mulch solutions. Both these choices look great in your playground and offer that all important safety for the children who use it.

So, how do you decide which playground surfacing to use when designing your new space? We’re going to talk you through the benefits of each type of playground surface so you can make an informed choice.

Wetpour flower playground safety surface

rubber mulch surface on a playground

What’s the difference?

Wet pour playground surfacing is a mix of recycled rubber granules that have been bound together. Two layers are spread across your playground in a continuous coloured safety surface.

Rubber mulch, as the name suggests, is made of shredded rubber. Used car tyres are shredded to create a water permeable surface that lasts. It looks very similar to bark chippings but doesn’t require as much maintenance.

Benefits of rubber mulch

Rubber mulch is cost effective and durable. It requires very little maintenance and helps you keep your pathways and surfaces weed free. It gives a more natural look to your playground and makes groundworks and path installations easy to complete.

Rubber mulch offers a bouncy, soft surface that can be used in a range of depths, depending on the fall risk of your play equipment. It absorbs impact very well and is suitable in all weathers. It’s water resistant, quick drying and won’t let puddles form. Plus, it won’t overheat on warm summer days either.

Rubber mulch, however, is not suitable for young children, nurseries, or places where children crawl, so keep this in mind when planning your play space.

Benefits of wet pour

Wet pour playground surfacing gives you a safe, attractive playground surface that enhances your theme. It’s one of the most popular surfaces and can be installed in a variety of depths to meet critical fall height criteria.

It’s made of two layers of recycled rubber, creating a smooth, slip proof surface that offers all weather safety. You can add bright designs and educational elements right into your floor to maximise playability.

This playground surface is also a porous material, so it’s suitable for use all year round and the seamless surface helps minimise trip risks.

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