Hagrid’s indoor Reading Hut is now fully furnished with comfortable seating and a patterned carpet to accept readers into this comfortable atmospheric space.  It sure encourages children at Rush Green Primary School, Romford, London, to be inspired to read.  Reading is perfected through concentration and this comfortable area gives the most ideal way to relax in order for children to become fully absorbed in a story.  What better way to widen a child’s vocabulary.  Most importantly it takes a child out of their every day reality and gives children a stress free environment with which to focus and concentrate free of distraction. Adding to this it provides improved memory and creative writing.

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Hagrid’s Reading Hut!

Reading room, Indoor reading hut,

Hagrid’s Indoor Hut with comfortable seating for reading!

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Let’s make Reading more Interesting!

As we all know once we are totally absorbed in a book everything around us disappears and only reappears when we stop. So to find yourself already in a magical kingdom, will hopefully let their imagination flow…Wow!!

Our timber Reading Libraries are a novel and new way of encouraging children to read their book with enthusiasm.  So why not contact us now for a free quotation.  Image Playgrounds on 01347 878747 or go direct to our website https://www.imageplaygrounds.com