Traditional playground equipment

Traditional playground equipment has stood the test of time. No matter what decade they live in, children have always reliably loved certain pieces of playground above all others. That’s why we build them into every playground we develop.

But what pieces do children love the most? Keep reading to find out which pieces of traditional playground equipment we still use the most.


Everyone loves the swings. No matter how old you are, you can sit on a swing, push off, and a smile with light up your face. Swings are always a favourite on playgrounds; these pieces of traditional playground equipment are going nowhere soon.

We have, however, come up with some fun twists on these classics. Swing time can now be shared in the great big basket swing!



If you picture a playground, you’ll think of swings and slides. Why? Because they’re fun! You soar and slide through the air in a safe, exhilarating motion. The higher the slide, the greater the rush!

Image Playgrounds designs and builds slides that are suitable for all ages. Whether you need to entertain toddlers who are starting to take their first cautious steps solo on the playground, or want to thrill children in key stages 1 and 2, we’ve got the slide for you.



Springers are a firm favourite of the younger playground user. Children bounce around and enjoy the unusual movement from the safety of the seat.

Our springers are fully customisable, and we design them to suit your playground theme. We love creating bright animal shapes that children always love.


Roundabouts come in all shapes and sizes, and every playground company puts their own spin on the classic design.

Children love pushing themselves faster and faster and holding onto as they watch the world whizz past on playground roundabouts. It’s a sensation they never get bored of, even if tummies get a bit queasy as they go round.

Monkey bars

Monkey bars are a simple installation in your playground that give hours of fun. Children love the challenge in front of them and get so excited when they finally build up enough strength to do the whole lot without touching the floor.

This classic piece of playground equipment is used in lots of our trim trails and adventure playground designs, but it’s also fantastic as a stand-alone feature.

Rocking logs and balance beams

Logs are a fantastically simple piece of playground equipment that children will enjoy for hours. The rocking log provides and exciting challenge as children race to get across without rolling the log and slipping down to the ground.

Simpler still, log balance beams are a great way to help children improve their balance and dexterity. These wooden structures have been a staple piece of playground equipment for years, and are really easy to maintain.

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