The joy of slides for children’s playgrounds

Slides are a piece of traditional playground equipment that never gets old. No matter what age they are, children love to climb to the top and whoosh down the slide. Whenever we start to build slides for children’s playgrounds, we know just how much fun they’re going to bring.

But, not all slides are created equal. The timeless piece of equipment can be improved upon with clever playground design. At Image Playgrounds, we’re experts in building playground equipment that children cannot get enough of, and our slide designs are a big part of our work.

Slides for children’s playgrounds

While we can offer you a basic, solo slide structure, we’re much more creative in building slide systems that children of all ages love.

Our clun triple tower climbing system is a real wow factor in your playground. Three towers and connecting platforms dominate your playground and offer lots of fun challenges to children. They have to clamber up to the tower before they can slide down, or use the exciting fireman’s pole to return to the ground.

The junior multiplay platform is perfect for little adventures. It has a small footprint, so fits into any sized play area and promises lots of fun. With a tunnel to hide in, scrambling climbing challenges, and of course, a slide, this is wonderful fun for younger children.

We love our customisable nursery tower unit, complete with climbing wall, fireman’s pole and slide. You can pick and choose what elements to include in the design to match it to your user’s interests. It’s a compact climber that can also be used as a story telling area too, and can be used in wet or dry weather.

The Orion’s belt climbing frame is one of our favourites, and children absolutely love it. They can scramble up the frame, run across the bridge, challenge themselves on the climbing wall, and whizz down the slide or fireman’s pole. It looks great in any playground and is a real winner.

Benefits of playground slides

Playground slides are much more than just fun. They’re great at helping children develop their balance and coordination as they climb and slide. It gives them a better understanding of spacial awareness as they have to judge when it’s safe to follow their friend down the slide.

Sliding also helps children to develop physically. Every time they pull themselves up the ladder, they’re honing their upper and lower body, getting stronger and fitter. It’s a great workout that doesn’t feel like exercise thanks to the reward at the end!

Because slides are always so popular, children frequently have to wait their turn to be able to use the equipment. This helps them to develop their social skills too, as well as cooperative play, and patience.


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