Swing games

Children love to play on the swings. There’s something about whooshing through the air that they just love – that’s why the history of swings goes back centuries! But, there’s so much more fun to be had with these pieces of equipment if you get a little creative. Take a look at our suggestions of swing games you can try next time you visit your local playground.

Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek from the swings is a fun twist on an old classic. Settle one of the children in your group on the swing and set them going. They can then shut their eyes and count to five. While they’re not looking, your group can move to a different place and see how quickly the person on the swing can locate you all.

Tumbling towers

Bring some spare boxes to the playground with you and set them up a reasonable distance away from the swing. Your child can then sit on the swing and see how hard they have to push to reach the boxes to kick them down.

Swing walking

If your family is the only one on the playground, take advantage and give swing walking a try. Start with your child standing on one swing seat and see if they can pull and scramble their way onto the next-door swing. Make sure they know to only do this with your supervision, as it’s a from of risky play.

Swing agility

If you’ve got a confident child, get them to lie across the swing and gently start it moving. When the swing is in motion, you can take a step away and see if they can reach you with outstretched arms. For extra complexity, see if they you can pass a ball between each other with each pass of the swing.

Tug of war

Similar to the agility challenge, have your child lay with their tummy on the swing seat. You can then give them one end of a rope to hold. You keep hold of the other end and walk slowly away from the swing. Together, you can start pulling on the rope to get the swing moving in a fun twist on tug of war.

Swing alphabet

As your child swings, get them to look around at the new view at lofty heights! At the top of their swing, get them to call out something that they can see that begins with each letter of the alphabet. You can get them to engage their mind and body while they swing with this simple game.

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children playing swing games

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