Supporting the school daily mile

Has your school signed up to the daily mile scheme yet? It’s a free initiative that’s encouraging children all over the world to move more and it doesn’t add anything to your workload.

You need no extra training to bring the daily exercise into your school. Simply take your class outdoors and encourage them to run or jog around your route. It’s a fantastic way to increase children’s fitness, concentration and mood.

Encourage your students to take the mile at their own pace, stopping to walk if they need to, and watch as they build up their speed week on week.

children's feet in movement

What is the daily mile?

The daily mile is simply 15 minutes in your school day where you take children outside to get them active. They run or jog around a mile course, taking it at their own speed and building up their stamina. It’s not part of any physical education classes and can happen at any point in the day.

What are the benefits?

Children who take part in the school daily mile reap the rewards. Not only do they increase their physical fitness, their mental health and well-being benefits too. As children get used to their new running routine, you’ll see great improvements in their behaviour and concentration in class too.

Bringing the daily mile to your school

school children running their daily mile

It’s really simple to bring the daily exercise into your school. Simply sign up to the initiative to access a wealth of free resources to help introduce the activity into your school’s culture.

To make it really easy for your classes to keep track of their distance, Image Playgrounds can install a daily mile track into your outdoor space. We add a bright guide onto your playground surface or in your grassy space for your students to follow around.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a mile circuit available! We can add multi-coloured and numbered loops to accurately track how far your students need to go to complete their mile.

Contact the friendly team at Image Playgrounds today to bring a mile track into your school.

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