Summer playground activities

There are lots of fantastic summer playground activities we enjoy every year with our kids. With the longer days and brighter evenings, you can head to the local park after school and spend some quality time together.

Water fight

If you don’t live far from your local park, why not prepare water guns and water balloons and have a good old fashioned water fight? You and the kids can run around the park seeing who can soak the other most in the evening sunshine. Just make sure you take any litter home with you and avoid other groups who might be using the play area.

child with bucket of water balloons

Outdoor bands

If your local playground has musical equipment, you’re already ready to go on your own family band! If not, bring along buckets and find sticks in the park and create your own drum line!

Make a fairy house

Making fairy houses is lots of fun. Gather sticks and stones and craft a door somewhere secluded in your local park to give the fairies that live there an easy way in and out of their secret woodland homes. You can also buy fairy door kits online if you wanted to give this summer playground activity a little more structure.

Torch tag

When the sun starts to set, head out to the playground with torches for a game of tag like none other! All but one person can then go and find a hiding spot around the park while the person who is ‘it’ counts to 25. They then can start hunting for your players with their torch. The last person to be found then becomes ‘it’ and the game starts again.

Slide races

Rather than seeing who can rush down the slide the fastest, bring toy cars, marbles, action figures etc. and see which of those can race down in the shortest time.

Host your own summer Olympics

Having been apart for so long, bring your family and friends together in a playground summer Olympics! Challenge each other to complete the park’s adventure trail in the quickest time, try javelin with pieces of dry spaghetti, shot put with tennis balls, races between two defined markers, divide into team for a relay… the opportunities are endless!

Play frisbee

If your park has plenty of space to run around, grab your frisbee and head out this summer. It’s a great way to encourage your kids to work together, get them moving, and have some good family fun. You could even invite their friends to play to make the game more challenging.

children plaing frisbee in their playground

decorated pebbles as summer playground activity

Kindness rocks

We’ve seen a lot of kindness rocks over the past year, but have you made your own? Set out to find rocks and pebbles you can bring home to decorate with bright paints and happy messages. Once they have dried, take them back to the playground and hide them around to spread some joy to others who find them.

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