Spring playground activities

With the brighter days and some positive news coming from the government, we thought it was time to get into the spring mood! The lighter evenings mean you and the kids can get out to the playground after school and have some fun.

Take a look at our ideas of some exciting spring activities and games that you and the family can enjoy.

Pop the bubbles

Burn off some energy in the park with nothing more than some open space and a pot of bubbles. Blow as many bubbles as you can and challenge your children to pop them all.

Spring scavenger hunt

This takes a little prep but can be lots of fun. Come up with a list, or picture board if you’re feeling creative, of different things that you can find in your local playground in the spring. Include things like: daffodils, bees, butterflies, birds nest, picnics, puddles, rainbows, seedlings, dew drops, and ladybirds.

Planting seeds

With everything starting to bud with the warmer days, why not take some time to plant flowers and watch them burst into life? Or give growing some fruits or vegetables a try and get to enjoy the tasty treats come harvest time.

Hide and seek

After weeks spent indoors, get the kids outside, running around and enjoying themselves. A game of hide and seek at your local park is something the whole family can enjoy. Take it in turns to count and hide and spend some valuable time outdoors.

Make mud pies

With the spring weather being quite changeable, make sure you enjoy the rainy days just as much as the sunny ones. After a rainfall, head to the park and see who can make the most exciting mud pie. Pat together mud, leaves, sticks and pebbles to create something unique.

Spring colour hunt

With new season bringing nature out of its winter slumber, you’ll start to see lots of colours bursting into the park. Challenge your children to find all the colours of the rainbow while exploring the natural world.

Create a bug hotel

Give children and chance to get into nature and learn about the environment by working with them to create a bug hotel. All you need is some old wood, bits of straw and some stones. You can drill holes into the stump and pop some pebbles and natural materials into a few of them to create natural hideaways.

Check out our natural playground equipment – including a fancy bug hotel.

Easter egg hunt

Easter is a really exiting time for kids, there are lots of games and tasty treats to be had. Take your kids to the park and while they’re playing on slides, swings and other equipment, hide Easter eggs around the area for them to discover.

wooden bug hotel

girl flying a kite in the park

Make a kite

You can’t beat the pleasure of flying a kite you’ve created yourselves. Make it a spring project for the family, coming up with designs and creating your own kites after school and at the weekend.

Then when you’ve perfected your kites, take them out to your local playground and watch them soar.

Spring tea party

Pack up a lunch one weekend and head to your favourite local park to host your own family spring tea party. You can even expand the fun and bake your own bread for sandwiches and make your own cakes for pudding.

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