Small playground, big fun

Just because you have a small playground area doesn’t mean it can’t be packed with fun! There are lots of space saving ideas that we use whenever we design a new playground to really make the most of the area.

With our free site survey and 3D design service, we’re able to get a detailed understanding of what space we have to work with. We adapt our equipment to meet any geographical challenges and come up with a design that children will love.

Check out our small playground design ideas and get in touch.

tower system in a small playground space

Adventure trails

Adventure trails can pack a lot of exciting equipment into a small space. Using equipment like traverse walls, balance beams, and monkey bars, we create a challenging, fun play area with a small foot print.

An adventure trail in a small playground can be built in a circle. This makes it look neat, and saves space.

Tower systems

Tower systems are a great way to bring something really exciting to your play area. Our structures allow children to play both underneath and on top of the tower, doubling your available space.

We customise our tower designs to your requirements too and can add or remove elements as you design. Towers can include things like slides, climbing walls, bridges, activity boards, sliding poles, and tunnels.

children looking for insects in their school playground

Natural play

Make the most of the natural world in your small playground space. Bring in discovery tables and bug hotels so that children can enjoy learning about the world around them through natural play.

Mud kitchens are built to fit perfectly in your play space and offer a wide range of exciting play opportunities for children. They love searching for ingredients and watching how just a little bit of water transforms their ‘dish’ into something completely different.

Surfacing and MUGAs

Games can be built right into your playground surfacing. We can design sports flooring and include classic games like hopscotch in your safety surface to maximise fun and save space.

We also offer a great range of multi-use games areas. Our goal walls mark out a variety of different games, including football, basketball and cricket. They can be used on their own or in pairs to easily bring sports into your small playground.

playground surface with different sports lines

planters and seating in a small playground in Thirsk

Seating and planters

Don’t underestimate the importance of seating and planters in a small playground. They provide a boundary to your space that’s practical and attractive.

Our corner planters and tree benches are especially effective at enhancing the available space.

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The best way to find out what can be done to maximise the play value in your space is to get in touch! The Image Playgrounds team will arrange a free site survey and consultation with you and get to work designing a creative, fun play area that makes the most of your available space.

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