6 signs you need a new playground

There are lots of signs you need a new playground that you should be aware of. Playgrounds don’t last forever, and despite keeping on top of your maintenance, at some point you’ll need to replace bits of equipment.

Keep an eye out for these key signs that you might be in need of a new playground.

1. Maintenance costs are creeping up

If your maintenance costs are on the rise, it might be time to cut your losses and invest in playground equipment rather than keeping up with the maintenance.

One area you particularly need to keep an eye on is your flooring. Bark needs to be regularly replaced to keep it clean and safe for users of your space. A more modern surface could be the solution you need. They come in fantastic colours and designs, meet with safety requirements, and require much less maintenance.

2. Children are less enthusiastic

If you’ve noticed a change in how children approach your playground, you might want to re-inspire them with new equipment. Children need exciting equipment to stimulate their imagination and to get them involved in active outdoor play. If your old equipment becomes boring to them, it’s time for a change.

3. If you spot signs of wear and tear

If, when conducting an inspection, you spot visible signs of damage to a piece of equipment, it needs fixing or replacing straightaway. Allowing children to continue to use it poses a serious hazard.

4. You’ve got lots of wooden equipment

Wooden equipment looks great and is a perfect building material. However, it doesn’t last forever. When treated properly, you can expect to have around 10 years of use from your wooden playground equipment.

Water might begin to seep into the wood where pieces meet, where fastenings are drilled in, or through areas of exposed end grain. When this starts to happen, the wood begins to rot and become hazardous.

During your inspections, look for cracks in the wood, loose metal fixings, and check joints and contact points with the ground for rot.

5. You’ve conducted repairs in the past

If a piece of well-loved playground equipment has already been repaired once or twice in the past, it’s safest to replace it altogether. Children obviously love using it, and you want to keep them safe while they’re enjoying themselves.

6. You notice bits of equipment are missing

If there’s something missing on your playground equipment, it’s time to replace it. All parts of your play equipment are vital to its construction and use. If something has gone missing, you could be putting children at risk by allowing them to continue using it.

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