Exercise and exam stress are the perfect partners. Getting active is a fantastic way for children to overcome the stress their upcoming exams might be causing. This may be the first time that young children are under pressure to do well for their school and parents/guardians. SATs give children a taste of the future with their GCSEs. Stress helps to motivate us. When faced with a challenge, stress raises our game. However, it can also knock confidence especially when the outcome isn’t as good as hoped for. There is a correlation between physical activity and stress whereby exercise can increase the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, namely endorphins.

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Physical exercise can alleviate stress

Specific deep breathing exercises may also be used to calm the nervous system. Outdoor activity encourages natural deep breathing is also the key to relaxing the nerves of a child just prior to an exam situation.

girl playing on her new school playground equipment Outdoor activity in the form of exercise oxygenates the brain, helping it to function more effectively especially whilst they’re doing their SATS.

So, if you would like your child to do a little better in their SATS, why not take them to their local playground before sitting them down to revise? Taking a well-earned break to get the brain ready for revision is a tried and tested study method. See how exercise and exam revision can work for your child.

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