Sand Sensory Play

Sand sensory play is fantastic for children. It’s great for exposing them to new textures and experiences, and brings something different and exciting into your playground.

What is sand sensory play?

Sand sensory play occurs when children to get their hands a little dirty and enjoy playing with and making shapes in sand. Kids love to feel the gritty texture on their hands and enjoy experiencing how it changes depending on whether it’s wet or dry.

Why is sand play important?

Not only does playing in the sand offer children a completely new experience, it has a fantastic range of physical and cognitive benefits too.

Playing in the sand allows children to develop their fine motor skills. As they build towers, roll cars and toys through the surface and make fun shapes in the sandy canvas, they develop their eye and hand coordination.

When they’re building castles and transporting sand from one place to another, children are also developing their strength. Sand, especially when wet, is heavy! Moving it around helps tone and strengthen developing muscles.

Sand is also brilliant for inspiring creativity. Children can come up with little narratives as they play with toys in the sand. They can use their imagination to create scenarios for their toys, and when they’re drawing in the flattened sand.

Ideas for playing in the sand

If you’d like to offer a little more structured play for children in your sand pit, we have a few ideas to get you started.

Sand writing is a great way to get children to practice their writing and letter formation. Get them away from the tedium of writing in the classroom and ask them to write their name on their sandcastle, or draw different animals and write their names.

Burying toys in the sand and giving children the opportunity to dig them up is a fantastic game. It’s also really good for helping children develop their spatial awareness. They gain a sense of where items are in relation to themselves as they search.

Adding a little food colouring into your sand instantly transforms the play pit into a bright wonderland. This can be great for getting creativity flowing and making interesting pattered art in the sand.

Sand can also be a fantastic basis for use in your mud kitchen. Mix it up with dry pasta, pebbles, sticks, and anything they can find in their playground. These kinds of creative role play are great for helping children develop their social skills, planning and for their adult lives.

Sand playground equipment

Image Playgrounds has a fantastic range of different piece of sand playground equipment that children absolutely love. From simple sand boxes with handy lids, through to complex sand transporters, we’re able to deliver your perfect sand play equipment.

Get in touch with our friendly team to chat about how you can offer sand sensory play in your space today. Don’t forget, we also offer a free site survey and 3D design service with every playground we work on.