Questions to ask about playground safety

When you’re having a new play area built, there are lot of different things you need to consider. As well as space and budget restrictions, you’ll need to think about theme, equipment, and how to choose your playground design company. You’ll also have plenty of questions to ask about playground safety.

With all these considerations running through your mind, you might miss a key question about playground safety. So, take a look at some of the things we think you need to confirm with your playground builder regarding safety.

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What to ask about playground safety

Is there enough room?

To allow safe play, there needs to be enough space around each piece of equipment and under it, if the equipment is at height. Make sure your company is able to tell you the legal requirements in your country.

Is the design age appropriate?

Children attempting to use equipment that is not suitable for their age range can put them at risk. Make sure that your playground company is talking to you about your intended users and tailoring their equipment suggestions to suit their age and abilities.

Are the materials safe?

A good playground manufacturer will ensure all the materials they’re using to create your equipment is safe and treated properly.

Are moving parts protected?

Moving parts on a playground increase the risk of children getting pinched or having their clothing caught. Moving parts should be factored into your risk assessment and you should speak with your playground company about how they will mitigate any dangers posed.

Is the surface safe?

Playground safety surfacing is one of the most important safety features to discuss with your company. They should be able to talk to you about the range of options available to reduce the risk of injury from trips and falls while enhancing your theme and the look of your play space.

Do they offer a maintenance package?

Playgrounds need to be maintained regularly to ensure that all parts are safe and stay in good condition. You should find out whether your chosen playground company offers a maintenance package.

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Do they consider the environment?

As well as personal safety concerns, you should make sure your playground company also helps to protect the environment. There are lots of ways we reduce our environmental impact during playground manufacture to increase the sustainability of the industry. They should also consider the environmental impact of any pesticides used in a maintenance package for weed control.

Ask to see their accreditations

A safety conscious playground company will be a part of many industry bodies and ensure their business is certified with accredited regulators. Look out for accreditations from Constructionline, CHAS, ISO, ROSPA, FSC, API, and Orsted.

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