The importance of public playgrounds

You can’t ignore just how important your public playground is to your local area. It’s the gathering place for all the local children to meet and play together, as well as a valuable space for the grown-ups to sit and chat.

Research from the Association of Play Industries (API) shows that between 2017 and 2018, 70 playgrounds across the UK have been closed by local authorities. By 2021, our local authorities estimate that they’ll have to cut another £25 million from playground spending.

We all need to take action now to make sure children always have access to an exciting public playground in their local area. There are lots of ways to work together to raise the funds necessary to keep on top of playground maintenance. Check out some of our fundraising tips to get started.

Just how important is your public playground?

Your public playground is invaluable. Playgrounds are a hub of social activity for children and help them learn social skills that they’ll use at every stage of their lives. They play with other children, learn to share and take turns, and spend time chatting and developing friendships.

Playgrounds are also instrumental in developing physical skills. Not only do children have to get to know the limits of their bodies, they can develop strength, agility and balance while they play.

Children also learn about assessing risk and thinking creatively during their play. They’re encouraged to problem solve on exciting pieces of equipment and develop great confidence when they succeed.

It’s no secret that childhood obesity is a rising problem in the UK. We know how hard it can be to pry children away from screens to get them outdoors.

Your public playground needs to be a fun space that they love to use. Running, swinging, climbing and sliding are all great ways to help children enjoy the outdoors and keep them fit and healthy.

Take a look at our tips for a fun playground workout.

Transforming local areas

Image Playgrounds have been installing the best quality playgrounds for over 25 years. We love seeing how a new playground transforms a local area and provides a space for children of all ages to play together. We’ve recently completed a project in Easingwold that has given the community a whole new space to enjoy together. Easingwold Town Council secured funding from North Yorkshire County Council for their playground. We were delighted to create the space for them.

Check out the new Easingwold Memorial Park.

If you’d like to find out how Image Playgrounds can transform your public playground, please get in touch. We offer a free site survey and 3D design service to help you create your perfect play space.

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