Public playground equipment

By installing exciting public playground equipment in your local park, you can really enrich the lives of children who live in the area. Image Playgrounds are experts at park playground design, and we’re experienced in working with a variety of budgets and spaces.

As the importance of public playgrounds can’t be overstated, we’re going to talk you through some of our most popular pieces of park playground equipment to help inspire your local play area.

public playground equipment


Roundabouts are traditional pieces of playground equipment that never go out of style – especially with a fun design from Image Playgrounds. We’ve made small changes to roundabout design to increase their safety and to ensure they’re fully accessible for all ages and abilities.

Adventure trails

No matter the size or budget available for your playground, our adventure trails are imaginative and fun. They encourage children to develop lots of invaluable life skills like problem solving, dexterity, risk management, gross and fine motor skills and more.

Musical playground equipment

Children love making noise and where better to play with sound than on the playground? Our pieces of musical playground equipment can be stand alone or as part of a full music station depending on your available space. They help to inspire creativity and are just great fun.

Sports equipment

Giving children and teens a space to get exercise and have fun with their friends is invaluable to their social development. We offer a range of sports equipment and MUGAs that are perfect for use in public parks. It’s also a fun way to get a playground workout and peel developing minds away from screens!


Are swings the most loved piece of playground equipment? They’re certainly one that we install time and time again as children love to rush through the air. Swings have got a long history of use that dates at least as far back as the 5th century B.C! We offer a wide variety of swing designs for children of all ages, as well as bucket and rope swing designs.


There are lots of fantastic ways to encourage creativity in children, and roleplay equipment is perfect for sparking young imaginations. We love nothing more than designing bespoke equipment for playgrounds. We also have a huge range of play tractors, boats, trains, and shops.

roleplay shop in a public playground

climbing public playground equipment

Climbing equipment

Climbing equipment can be a real wow piece in your park playground. Children love racing each other up the climbing towers, hiding in tunnels, and using the traverse walls. They have so much fun whooshing down slides and playing with activity boards. Our climbing equipment can be fully customised to your intended users and offers a fantastic centre piece for your play area.

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