Key stage 1

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Children in key stage 1 love to play. As kids begin to blossom, they want to develop their physical and social skills. It’s through play that they develop most.

Image Playgrounds provide a varied range of equipment that caters to all the needs of KS1. Our equipment helps to support continuous social and physical development. We have large climbing towers to encourage physical development and problem solving. Role play ships, trains and kitchens support social development and creativity.

Take a look at our full range and get in touch about your key stage 1 playground.

  • Traverse Wall

  • Large Whiteboard on Posts

  • Rope Walk

  • Rope Climb

  • Surf Board

  • Water Play Wall

  • Outdoor Whiteboard Easel (magnetic)

  • Hurdles

  • Wooden Sand Pit – Octagonal

  • Clun Triple Tower Climbing System

  • Sensory Panels

  • Sand Transporter