Making playground music

Playground music encourages development and creativity

Playground music equipment can be a fantastic way to encourage children’s creativity. It gives them to freedom to explore new sounds and uncover rhythms. They’re also able to begin to question how sound is made as they play.

There are no right or wrong ways for children to make playground music. They can explore their own creativity by making sounds and experimenting with different noises. That’s why musical playground equipment is so popular. Making noise is fun!

Music is for all

Playground music is enjoyed by all children, regardless of their age, abilities or background. Music is universal and can be shared by all. It’s a great way to get children working together and enjoying their time outdoors.

Music therapy has continually been shown to help children with conditions which impact on their social ability to engage in play with others. While playgrounds are typically full of children running, climbing and jumping, musical playground equipment offers a fun and engaging alternative for those who are less able.

Music supports development

Using musical equipment in the playground helps children to develop a wide variety of different skills. Playing instruments helps them to improve their emotional, social and cognitive abilities. It’s well known that music is a fantastic aid to memory, making these pieces of equipment perfect for schools and cross-curricular learning.

Not only can playground music help develop the mind, children will also gain physical benefits too. They gain strength by beating a drum, fine motor skills when playing a xylophone, and work their core muscles just by standing and playing the instrument. They’ll also improve their strength, coordination and balance as they dance and move to the music.

Types of musical playground equipment

There are many different pieces of musical play equipment you can bring into your playground. Image Playgrounds offer a variety of A-frames with exciting musical instruments on, including metal chimes, musical bells, triangles, colourful xylophone, and a large drum.

We also love including our musical equipment in larger activity centres to really excite creativity in children. You can also select your favourite pieces of equipment to create a custom-made playground music station to allow children to play together.


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