Why you should go to the playground in winter

Going to the playground in winter might be the last thing on your mind. You’re probably thinking about the cold, possibly wet conditions and might prefer to stay indoors with a cup of tea and a festive film.

We’re going to talk you through why it’s worth the effort to wrap up warm, put that cuppa in a thermos and head out to the playground this winter.

young boy using a playground in winter

It gets you moving

We know that the winter period is one that’s made for tasty treats. But, these treats, when combined with spending lots of time indoors, aren’t the best for our bodies! It’s important to get out and exercise regularly. Visiting the playground in winter is a great way to get you and the kids physically active, exercising, and having fun.

Check out our tips for fun playground workouts here.

Risky play is good

Getting the kids outside in a more risky environment can actually be really good for them. Well managed, risky play teaches them invaluable lessons about what they can and can’t do safely, giving them a good understanding of their abilities and encouraging them to be risk aware, not risk adverse.

Find out more about the benefits to risky play here.

Limits screen time

You don’t want your kids to spend their whole winter break glued to their screens and the new games they probably got for Christmas. Get the family outside for a while, spending time together in the real world and getting a well needed break from their games consoles, iPads, and phones.

Fresh air and vitamin D

We’ve spent a lot of 2020 indoors! It’s so important to make the effort to escape the four walls of your home for a little while, take in some fresh air and get some vitamin D into your systems. Breathing in that crisp, winter air really blows away the cobwebs and leaves you and the kids feeling invigorated.

boy blowing on a handful of snow

girl using playground monkey bars in winter

Widens experiences

We’re sure your kids are very familiar with outdoor playtime in the warmer, brighter months. Heading to the playground in winter shows them their favourite equipment in a completely different light. It broadens their experiences and sparks their imaginations differently, giving them more inspiration for games.

You’ll likely have the place to yourself

If others are avoiding the cold outdoors, it’s likely that you and your family will have the playground to yourselves in winter. This makes social distancing super easy! It’s also a great space to invite family friends to enjoy with you. Get a bit of social time while still adhering to the restrictions in your tier.

Stay safe on the playground in winter

There are lots of things that you can do to help your family stay safe when they’re using the playground in winter. Make sure they’ve got the right clothing on to keep them warm. Layer them up with a vest, top, jumper and coat. Make sure they’ve got on their hat, gloves and scarf too.

A spare pair of gloves is also a handy thing to bring with you in case the first pair gets wet during play! You should also make sure they’ve got well fitting, waterproof shoes with a good grip and nice warm socks.

Check the space for ice. If it’s been raining and then the temperature has dipped below freezing, your local playground might have patches of ice. Playground surfaces that use rubber mulch will still be safe to play on. The rubber doesn’t allow an ice layer to form as it doesn’t absorb water.

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