When it comes to playground ideas, we’re sure you’ve got no shortage of inspiration. We work on playgrounds every day, and know what gives a play space that something extra special. Take a look at our top 10 playground ideas you could use in your space.

1. Fergie the tractor

Fergie is one of our most popular pieces of equipment. He inspires children’s imaginations and encourages creative play. They can grab hold of the steering wheel and pretend to be driving round the farm, or hide with their friends inside the tunnelled space.

Take a look at Fergie

Fergie the tractor playground ideas for children

2. Wooden stepping logs

Natural wooden stepping logs are a simple playground idea that is incredibly popular. Children love to test their balance on these logs and race their friends to complete the entire course. They’re perfect for playgrounds of any shape or size, and double up as playground seating.

Check out the wooden stepping logs

3. Circular sand pit

Children love to engage all their senses when they play. Playground sand pits are loved by children of all ages and encourage creative and collaborative play. We supply our sand pits with a choice of solid wooden lit or lightweight canvas cover to protect them while not in use.

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4. Zip cableway

The zip cableway is always a favourite with children looking for adventure in their playtime. They love the rush as they zoom down the line and race back up to the top for another turn. Including this in your playground design will really set you apart from other play spaces.

Take a closer look at the zip cableway

zip cableway playground ideas for children

5. Water play wall

Add a touch of something really special into your playground with water play equipment. Our water play walls are a simple way to bring water into your space. Children of all ages adore them.

Discover the water play wall

6. Jungle climber

Our jungle climber is loved by children all over the UK. Not only does it give children a fantastic place to gather and develop their social skills, it’s full of fun challenges to keep them entertained. They can climb, slide, run and jump on this fantastic piece of equipment.

Take a look at the jungle climber

7. Story telling chair

This oversized story telling chair is always well loved by children. It provides the perfect gathering space for group play, and is ideal for use in outdoor classrooms. When seated, children can enjoy the chance to be the centre of attention and share their thoughts.

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climbing wall playground ideas for children

8. Climbing walls

We have a fantastic range of playground climbing walls that are custom made to each playground we create. We have free standing walls like the zig zag climbing wall, hand and foot holders to attach to walls or larger climbing systems, or smaller a frame climbing challenges for younger children.

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9. Wooden basket swing

The basket swing is one of our favourite playground ideas. It combines all the fun of the classic playground equipment, but allows children to share in the experience. These are always a popular addition to any playground.

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10. Musical playground equipment

We have a great range of musical playground equipment. Inspire creativity and a love of music in the children who love your playground. You can choose to have individual pieces of equipment, like xylophones, musical chimes and drums, or you can place a selection on a whole music station.

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We hope we’ve given you a few playground ideas to inspire your new design. Whether you’re looking to create a whole new space or are in need of a refresh, we can help. Just get in touch with the Image Playgrounds team. We’d love to create your dream play space for you.

Not sure how to fund your new playground? Take a look at our fundraising tips and see if there are any funded opportunities in your area.

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