Essential playground furniture

While it’s easy to focus just on the play equipment, your playground furniture is just as important to consider in your design. Parents will need a place to sit and chat, you might want to include picnic areas, and you’ll certainly need a bin or two!

We’re going to talk you through some of the pieces of playground furniture that might not be the most stylish and exciting, but really make a difference in your space.

picnic bench playground furniture


Giving children and supervising adults places to sit and chat helps create a real sense of community in your playground. It’s important to give all playground users a place to rest and enjoying being outside – which we all need a bit of after all these lockdowns! They’re also a good place to give your kids a drink, clean their hands, and serve as a helpful meeting spot.

Tree seats

Our tree benches help give your playground users space to rest without taking up much space in your playground. We customise our benches to the trees in your playground, maximising your available resources and creating a wonderful, covered place to relax.

Planter benches

Planter benches are really lovely and allow you to bring a bit of extra colour and nature into your playground space. They offer all the same benefits of ordinary playground seating with the added bonus of beautiful flowers and attractive shrubbery – perfect for showing children about nature and the changing seasons.

Picnic benches

Picnic benches give a relaxing, useful space for families to spend more time together outdoors. Give them a spot in your play area to enjoy their packed lunches and the fresh air.


We know the weather in the UK can be temperamental! While children might enjoy playing in the rain, accompanying adults don’t want to stand and get really wet! Our gazebos are the perfect solution, offering a covered seating space. In school settings, these gazebos also make fantastic outdoor classrooms.


Playground bins are always very helpful for people, especially if you’re offering picnic spaces. Groups will be very grateful not to have to take their litter away with them. Just make sure you have regular maintenance in place to empty your bins so litter doesn’t pile up.

playground gazebo

playground signs and exercise equipment

Bike stations

Many of your playground users might arrive on bicycles, so it’s handy if you can give them a special place to lock them up while they play. It helps keep your play area looking tidy and stops children from locking up their bikes in unhelpful places along your fences.


There might be key information you need to give your playground users, and a clear sign by the entrance is the easiest way to pass that along. Whether you’re asking people to keep dogs on leads or giving an age restriction warning, you need visible displays for that detail. We can even customise play signs for decorative purposes.


Shade sails are a great way to give some cover from the sun – or rain – in your playground! These shelters feel a little more natural than wooden structures, as they’ll move with the wind and can be adjusted as necessary to offer the best shade in your space.

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