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Our scatter logs are excellent climbing play equipment. Scatterlogs are a system of interlinking timbers, slides, climbing walls and rope. They develop children’s strength, coordination and agility. Children gain a sense of achievement from scaling the climbing play equipment. Scatterlogs are a rewarding addition to any playground. Our range of scatterlogs caters for a variety of age groups and price ranges.

  • Pikes Peak Scatterlog

  • Mini Adventure Scatterlog

  • Mont Blanc Scatterlog

  • Snowdon Scatterlog

  • Mount Fuji Scatterlog

  • Helvellyn Scatterlog

  • Ben Nevis Scatterlog

  • Everest Scatterlog

  • Kilimanjaro Scatterlog

  • Kinabalu Scatterlog

  • K2 Scatterlog System