Outdoor winter play activities

After a year where we’ve spent so much time inside, you’ll want to have some outdoor winter play activities you can enjoy this year.

Keeping the whole family entertained and enjoying the festive season is simple and much less effort than you might think.

So, we’re going to show you some of our favourite winter play activities to get the family active and engaged this winter.

children enjoying outdoor winter play activities

Create a winter scavenger hunt

To get out of the house, you can organise a winter scavenger hunt for your children. Think of the wintry, Christmassy things that are in your local area and create a check list for the kids. It can include anything, think about Christmas trees in windows, bird feeder, puddle, evergreen tree, winter berries, bobble hat…tailor it to match your children’s interests!

Jumping in puddles

Wrap the kids up warm and put on your wellies and go and have some good old fashioned fun playing in the rain by jumping in puddles. You can’t beat it!

Make a bird feeder

Birds find it harder to get food in the winter, so why not spend a fun couple of hours making a homemade bird feeder?

There are lots of guides for making different kinds of bird feeders. One of our favourites is to grab an empty toilet paper roll, peanut butter and bird seed. Spread a thin layer of peanut butter across the outside of your loo roll and sprinkle seeds on to it.

Once fully covered, slip the roll onto a branch where you can see it in the garden and watch the birds enjoy the treat.

Frozen sun catchers

Frozen sun catchers look amazing and are really simple to make. Get the kids out for a walk to your local park and scavenging for the most interesting looking leaves, bright berries, twigs… anything that grabs their interest.

Bring these items home with you and lay them out on a Tupperware lid, picnic plate or baking tray. Once you’re happy with the design, cover the items with water – boiled first if you want to have really clear ice. Leave outside overnight or put in the freezer so the water solidifies and admire your creation!

winter berries

Christmas lights on plants outside a building

Spot the Christmas lights

When the dark evenings draw in, people put their Christmas lights on early enough for a walk with your child. Head out for a wander around your area and see how many of your neighbours have got pretty lights up to celebrate the season.

Visit a zoo

It’s been a tricky year for all, and tourist attractions have particularly suffered with the lockdowns. Get out to the zoo with your family this winter. Crowds are usually much smaller in the off season, meaning you can see more and get more time with the guides, and there’s often a discounted entry fee!

Is it snowy?

If it snows, you can have endless fun outside! Have a snowball fight, make people and animals out of the snow, or go sledging. You might also want to try skipping or hula hooping in the snow – much harder when you’re all bundled up! Or, add a bit of colour to the snow and decorate the blank canvas with food colouring.

Get in touch

We hope you’ve found some outdoor winter activities here that you’ll try with your family. If you do, show us your pictures on Facebook or Twitter!

two sisters creating a snowman

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