New meets old: adding new playground equipment

Adding new playground equipment to your current play space is a great way to keep things interesting for children. You give them the thrill of a new challenge or exciting piece of equipment without losing what they already love in your space.

You don’t always need to spend lots on making little improvements to the space. Adding a new piece of playground equipment every few years is very affordable and greatly improves the play area. It can also help keep children safe, as you can replace pieces as they ware out.

Image Playgrounds are experts at making small, cost effective improvements to play spaces. Here are just a few of the options we might consider for your space:

Stand-alone pieces of equipment

There are lots of fantastic pieces of stand-alone playground equipment that you can bring into your space. You might think about roundabouts, piece of musical play equipment or a single tower.

Enhancing your adventure trail

If you’ve got an adventure trail already installed in your playground, why not add one or two more items to extend it? Wobble boards, rope bridges or stepping stilts don’t take up much room, but will add brand new challenges.

Bring in nature

When you’re looking to make updates to your playground, think about bringing new life into the space. We have lots of wonderful playground planters that easily bring brightness into your area and increase its physical attractiveness. Our bug hotels are also fantastic for insects and help introduce children to a range of different creatures.

child playing with water by playground planters and seating

child on a rope swing

Update your swings

Swings are brilliant fun and children of all ages love to fly through the air. We’ve got some exciting new swing designs that you could bring into your space that add something really special to your current offering.

Allow children to swing together in our roomy basket swing. Or, give them a real thrill on our rope swing and encourage teamwork and collaborative play.

Add to your theme

Playgrounds are always more exciting when they’ve got a theme  as it helps to spark imaginations and inspire creative play. When bringing new playground equipment into your space, think about how well it will complement your theme. Image Playgrounds have a fantastic design team that are able to adapt equipment to match themes and colour schemes.

Alice in Wonderland themed new playground equipment

children enjoying new water playground equipment

Evoke the senses

For something new in your playground, why not think about how you can support sensory play with sand or water equipment? Children of all ages love to splash in play pools and get creative in the sand pit.

We offer a fantastic range of water and sand playground equipment for you to consider. Lots are compact and easy to slot into an existing space without any trouble.

Update your seating options

The value of playground benches and seating is often overlooked. Your playground is a social space and you need to be able to offer children and adults a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. Bring in picnic benches, tree benches or fun seating options like wooden mushrooms and oversized story-telling chairs.

tree bench seating and new playground equipment at Tithe Farm

Get in touch

If you’d like to talk about bringing new playground equipment into your space, contact Image Playgrounds today. You can send us a message online or call 01347 878747.