Fun mud kitchen ideas

Children love to get stuck into messy play, so this summer, put down the screens and head outdoors and try out some of these fun mud kitchen ideas.

What is a mud kitchen?

A mud kitchen is a space for children to get dirty and discover exciting new experiences. Mud kitchens offer a structured space for making mud pies, getting up close with creepy crawlies and learning about the natural world.

Fun mud kitchen ideas

You can do so much more with a mud kitchen than making mud pies – though of course that’s the first thing children want to do! Here are just a few fun mud kitchen ideas that you can try:

Create a pretend restaurant

Pull up some outdoor chairs and travel table and let children serve you in a pretend restaurant. Painting stones and pebbles to look like different foods look much more appetising than a mud pie. Children can work with you to create menus and pretend to be head chef.

Learning words

You can use your mud kitchen to teach vocabulary. Create word blocks with things like ‘whisk’, ‘sizzle’, ‘bubble’, ‘pour’ and ‘stir’ and ask children to act out the meaning in your kitchen.

School mud kitchen created by Image Playgrounds

Painting with mud

Once you’ve cooked up the perfect batch of mud in your kitchen, why not use it to create art? Use scrap paper or an old white board as a canvas and get children’s creative ideas flowing.

Mud milkshakes and dandelion perfume

You can create so much more than mud pies in a mud kitchen. Encourage children to choose ingredients from all over the outdoor space. Use water, weeds, leaves, pebbles – anything they can find!

Measuring and counting

Teach children to measure and count with the ingredients used in your mud kitchen. You couldn’t possibly have too much grass in your pebble stew or it would spoil the flavour!

children using an outdoor mud kitchen

Benefits of playing with a mud kitchen

A mud kitchen is so much more than just good fun. It helps children develop their role-playing abilities, their creativity, communication skills, and also encourages them to work as a team. They’ll develop socially, mentally and physically as they play.

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