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Regenerating your playground is a fantastic way to give your students something new and exciting to enjoy on their breaks, and doesn’t have to cost a lot either! Our skilled designers are able to develop your existing play space and help you meet daily exercise targets too.

Introducing more physical activity during the day for your pupils can be an exhausting process. You’ve got so many boxes to tick with your curriculum and ensuring that children are active and able to enjoy the outdoors might feel like another hurdle for you to overcome.

However, Image Playgrounds have some simple solutions that make it easy for you to give your students the outdoor time they need. Making a difference to your activity spaces can motivate children to expend more energy while they’re outdoors. This can give them the 60 minutes vigorous exercise needed each day.

Run a Mile a Day in Schools

We design playgrounds based on the requirements of each school and most importantly, its pupils. Increasingly popular with educators is a daily mile track.

These tracks can be added to your playground surfacing or cut through grassy areas. They give students something to follow for their daily exercise.

Don’t worry if your play space doesn’t cover a mile, our designers use numbers and laps so your pupils cover the full mile.

We also offer lots of fun pieces of playground equipment that allow children to have fun and exercise without noticing the work out! Items like climbing frames, monkey bars and trim trails give children a fun challenge and helps boost their confidence when they succeed. Physical exercise can improve learning abilities and support positive mental health too. A playground designed by us will be fun, stimulating and tailored to developing young bodies and minds.

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