With the summer holidays almost upon us, many parents are thinking about screen time for children. How do we encourage our children to play outdoors and not to be sat in front of a screen from the moment they wake up? Well, I guess you could unplug the WiFi and hide the screen devices. However, this could create some phenomenal tantrums! You sould try and schedule lots of activities into your day. These will keep children occupied and enjoying their time while they’re unplugged.

children reading in their playground on outdoor classroom day

Ask your child to do a local newsletter

Creating a newsletter about your pets for the neighbours can be fantastic fun. This is what a budding journalist did in our neighbourhood and it was incredibly well received.

child with muddy hands engaging in interactive play

Let your child have some muddy time…


Or, you might get them involved in some mucky play. Kids love the texture of mud or play dough between their hands. This is purely because it doesn’t happen every day.

Alternatively, they could make crafts and give them as gifts to family or make puppets out of old socks and let them create a puppet theater show.

Sock Puppets

Make a sock puppet…

… or have a game of chesschildren playing games as part of school fundraising ideas

Make some sock puppets and ask them to create a puppet theater show.

Then in the afternoon, wrap up picnic and take them and their friends to have an amazing play at your local playground.

Let’s have a Picnic..

Community playgrounds

If you don’t have a playground close by, think how you and your local community could would together to build one! Contact your local supermarket and stress this to them and you may be able to apply for monies from the Bags for Help scheme. You can also contact www.groundwork.org.uk they helps transform whole neighbourhoods. We cannot stress the importance of public playgrounds enough.

Children jumping off their new school playground equipment Let’s have FUN

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