Suttons Primary School

A quick turn around on primary school playground equipment

The Challenge

We had lots of fun designing and installing new equipment in Suttons Primary School’s playground. The school got in touch with us in December and were very clear that the playground needed to be complete before the end of March.
This meant the project had a very fast turn around. Consultations took place between the school and our team of playground specialists. The site was also carefully surveyed to ensure the play space would adhere to healthy and safety standards.

The Playground

The proposed primary school playground design was completed in late December and agreed with the school in January. We received excellent feedback on the design, resulting in the next phase of the project to begin.

Due to the quick turn around in design, it allowed more time to thoroughly plan the manufacturing and installation process ensuring the project would run smoothly. We were using a bespoke, boat themed tower unit adapted from our scatterlog climbing system range. It would need to be carefully pre-assembled in the factory, that would result a smooth installation on site.

The project was a huge success. The bright coloured wet pour safety surface brings a positive and warm atmosphere to the play space. Suttons Primary School teachers and pupils, as well as the parents, are all very impressed with the new space.

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