Rush Green Primary School

Hagrid's hut school reading room design
Hagrid's Hut reading room design

The Challenge

Rush Green Primary School wanted a themed reading room design to give their students a fun space to relax in. Our designers talked with the school about their needs and came up with a bespoke design. We wanted something with a real wow factor that the students would be excited to spend time in. Our team thought about some of the most popular children’s books, and got inspired. The Hagrid’s indoor reading room design has been a massive success for Rush Green.

The Solution

The themed hut and castle provide the perfect space to relax and read in. The students want to spend time in the reading area with their favourite books. The comfortable seating and patterned carpet make the space cosy and inviting. Children can give all their attention over to their stories away from the distractions of school life in this atmospheric space based on one of the most influential contemporary children’s books.

Spending time developing reading skills is an incredibly important part of a child’s education. It helps them become more imaginative and enhances their own creativity. They learn new words and expand their experiences through the pages of their books. This has been a really fun project for us to work on, and we hope Rush Green students love their reading area.

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