Pickhill Parish Council Playground

A revamped and extended village playground design
double infant playground swings on timber frame

The Challenge

We were really excited to be able to create a fresh village playground design for Pickhill Parish Council. We’ve worked with the before, back in the summer of 1997 so it was wonderful to team up once more.

Joyce Barningham approached us with funding for a new village playground design. The village had a sum of £9000 to spend on a new play area. They wanted an adventure trail, tower system and new fencing.

The new exciting play area was a huge success with the village children. Locals used it at every given opportunity.

Over the years routine maintenance has been carried out on the village playground to ensure it stayed in fully working order. This level of service and dedication from our team developed our relationship with the Parish Council.

So, when they wanted to invest more money into the play area in 2010, they called us. A revamp was needed on some of the equipment, being over 10 years old the children were a little tired of it.

The Playground

Our designers met with the Parish Council and we got to work with their new specification. We created a new innovative village playground design based on their requirements and budget. As the existing equipment was in such a good state the decision was made to keep the popular adventure trail items. But, this was to be expanded with a new exciting scatterlog climbing system. The tower unit was replaced with a large bespoke multilevel tower with slides, nets, ramps, stairs and firepoles.

The play area soon transformed. With the addition of the newly designed bespoke equipment, the play space has been brought into modern times. The village children love their new equipment.

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