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Exciting junior school play equipment
playground stepping stilts

The Challenge

The staff at Ordsall Primary School were that delighted with the early years play area we installed for them. They were soon back in touch eager for us to install a junior playground too. We were delighted to go back to the school and bring more exciting new playground equipment with us.

The junior playground situated on the other side of the school building to the early years space. This area lead onto the school field and had a lot more open grass space to play with too. This was ideal to keep the costs low and the play value high.

We were excited to get to work and loved designing an adventurous, challenging and exciting new play space for the junior playground. The pictures below show some of the wonderful pieces of equipment we installed.

The Playground

The early years playground included a sand transporter and interactive learning boards. We know just how important it is to encourage sensory play in early years and for them to learn through play. Lessons learned while having fun are much more memorable.

The junior playground included adventure trail equipment in the form of log weaving poles, traversing wall, stepping stilts, stepping stumps and natural stumps with weaving poles. All this was on a bonded rubber safety surface. Our skilled designers are able to create a challenging play space for older students while maintaining health and safety standards.

All the staff and students at Ordsall Primary School love their new playground equipment and are thrilled with the new design.

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