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Croome Park, National Trust

Bespoke WW2 park playground design
Timber framed playground basket swing

The Challenge

Image Playgrounds worked on many bespoke park playground projects in the past. We pride ourselves on our creative designs and love trying new things. Working to specific themes is when we’re at our best, and this WW2 playground project for The National Trust was lots of fun. 
As part of a large scheme in restoring the entire site at Croome Park, The National Trust enlisted our help. The playground was a completely unique, specifically designed project that required our expertise. They had complete confidence in the project throughout. 

The Playground

The park has heritage in World War 2 which is where the project’s theme came from. The WW2 playground needed lots of exciting bespoke equipment built around their heritage theme. We designed a crashed World War 2 fighter jet style slide and a control tower. Our design team also created a parachute swing, an army jeep springer and a war bunker role play house.
The design team working on the project researched into the history of the site. We wanted to keep the project as close to its roots as possible. The concepts were warmly received by the National Trust at all stages. For the manufacture, we gained skilled and used expertise from many industries. We worked with steel manufacturing pros, surfacing experts and canopy craftsman. This allowed us to ensure a quality finish on this very special park playground design.
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