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Outdoor Play encourages resilience.

Risky outdoor play is not only good for children’s health but also encourages creativity, social skills and resilience.  Children make hundreds of decisions whilst they weigh up the levels of risk they would like to take and so consequently they need to take risks in order to learn how to manage them.  Through play children gain confidence; it is even a rehearsal for life skills.  So we really need to encourage children to play outside where they can create their own adventure or take them to a park where they can experience the freedom to climb, swing, balance, crawl & soar through their own challenges.

The ICM survey found that more than three-quarters of all children aged 7-16 wanted more adventurous play opportunities then they currently have. Half of 7-12 year olds said that they are not allowed to climb a tree.  Children need to learn how to safely play and understand the challenges that are presented to them, without us wrapping them up in cotton wool.

Playgrounds that enable children to play & engage in activities of their own choosing helps them to grow in confidence & provides a positive awareness of their surroundings. Mariana Brussoni states “These spaces give children a chance to learn about risk and learn about their own limits,”

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Children learn boundaries & limits from their own experience