Indoor play activities

Schools may be closed for the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean children need to miss out on a fun education.

We’ve got lots of ideas for exciting indoor play activities that will keep your children engaged, learning and enjoying their time at home.

Take a look at our tips for exciting indoor play activities you can do from home with little preparation time. We can help you keep your little ones entertained and learning through play.

child colouring and doing indoor play activities

Self portraits

Getting children to paint themselves helps them to develop their self-awareness as well as their artistic skills. You can use it to teach younger children about different parts of their body too.

Freeze dance

For this game, all you need is some music and a clear space. Put on the tunes and encourage children to dance. You, or an older child, should then pause the music at intervals and get the dancers to freeze in different poses for the duration of the silence.

As simple as this game is, it’s great for getting children active and exercising without them even noticing. It’s also really helpful for building coordination and strength too.

Cooking with children

Get children involved with making lunch or tea. This teaches them really valuable life skills and helps them feel grown up. Start with easy recipes like sandwiches, pasta bakes and little cake buns.

Making masks

Use different fabrics and materials to create fun masks that your children can enjoy playing with. They can get creative and enjoy using colours and recreating animals, their favourite characters, or imaginary beings.

Plus, once you’ve made the masks, you can have great fun with your children using them. They can put on little shows for you and practice their English and drama skills.

siblings playing with homemade slime

Home science experiments

There are lots of science experiments that you can conduct at home with very little mess that children will love. You can easily make lava lamps, create your own slime, or carefully set off your own baking powder volcanoes. Children will learn about how different substances react to each other and have fun.

Get out in the garden

All this home time is great for making all those improvements in the garden and you can get all the kids involved. They can learn all about the natural world while you water flowers, plant seeds and pull up weeds. Natural play is great for a child’s development, encourages their love and respect for the environment and is just good fun!

child holding a bucket of flowers in the garden

child doing their maths homework

Practice maths

There are lots of ways you can help your children practice their maths while they’re not at school. As well as keeping on top of the work set by their teachers, you can try getting them to measure ingredients when cooking, make patterns with objects, and put objects in order of height or weight.

Make music

Children get incredible benefits from playing and listening to music. You don’t have to have lots of instruments on hand to be able to teach them, bashing pots and pans with a wooden spoon or whisk makes great noise. Let them explore sound and inspire them to enjoy music. Plus, if they develop a love of sound, we have lots of musical playground equipment waiting for them to play with.

young child using musical instruments at home

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