Importance of playtime

The importance of playtime cannot be overstated. Children need to have time to play, both by themselves and with other children. It’s important for healthy brain development, improves their physical strength, and supports their social and emotional skills.

Through play, children are able to learn new skills and develop themselves as individuals. We’re going to show you the top nine things children learn though play.

1. Teaches social skills and communication

Playing with others teaches invaluable social skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Through play, they learn how to manage conflict, sharing toys and equipment, communicate ideas and work as a team and so much more.

siblings playing together on a playground climbing frame

2. Burns off energy

Playtime burns off energy and makes it easier for children to settle down in their lessons. Giving them time to run around, playing with their friends and making lots of noise prepares them for getting back into the classroom.

3. Encourages imagination

Inspiring their creativity and encouraging imagination through play supports cognitive and social development. It helps them to make sense of and understand their environment.

Their imaginations allow them to solve problems, come up with creative games, and discover their place in the world.

4. Keeps them active

We all know how tricky it can be to get children away from their screens and playing in the real world. Getting out on the playground and moving their bodies helps get them active and helps keep them fit. Playgrounds are a fantastic way to help children exercise without them even noticing because they’re having so much fun!

5. Physical development

When they’re moving, they’re developing physical skills. Playground equipment helps children to develop their strength, agility and balance. Children run around, climb up, slide, swing, jump, and teeter across different pieces of equipment.

6. Problem solving and cognitive skills

Playtime is great to get children problem solving and developing their cognitive skills. Lots of playground equipment is designed to test, engage and entertain the children who use it. Climbing frames, adventure trails and creative equipment engage their minds and bodies and helps them to develop lifelong skills.

7. Emotional development

Playing with other children allows them to practice their social skills and learn all about emotions. Through interacting with others, they’re able to experience a wide range of emotions and learn the best ways to manage them.

Under your care, they likely only experience positive emotions, but with other children, they have to navigate situations they can’t control, differences of opinion, and trying to communicate their ideas effectively to others. They learn how to navigate more complicated social situations during playtime.

school girl playing on an playground xylophone

children playing with a basket swing

8. Gives them choices

Letting children make their own choices during play is a safe way to help them explore their individuality. Through free play, children learn what they like to do and what they would rather avoid. It starts their journey into being a unique individual with their own tastes and gives them ownership of their time.

9. It’s just great fun

One of the most important things about play for children is that it’s fun. They’ve got plenty of time to be serious later in life, childhood is a time for running around, trying new things, and generally having as much fun as possible!

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