Importance of bedtime routines

We’re sure you’ve heard all about how important bedtime routines are for children. They need lots of quality sleep to be support their physical and emotional development. If your child is tired, it will directly impact their ability to pay attention, they’ll struggle to get through the school day, and they’ll be too cranky to spend time on the playground!

But how do you get them to go to bed and get that valuable sleep? Getting them into a good bedtime routine is your biggest asset in the struggle to get your child to sleep. Here, we’ll share some tips for creating a successful bedtime routine in your home.

sleeping child

Set regular go-to-bed and wake-up times

A good bedtime routine starts with setting the time you want your kids to go to sleep. Set a clear bedtime and wake up time, even for the weekends, to establish a good sleep schedule.

Do something calming before bed

Whether it’s a bath, reading a book or quiet play, keep the pre-bedtime activities calm. Loud, competitive or energetic play right before sleep will make it harder for children to relax into sleep.

Use regular bedtime activities

Giving kids responsibility over their bedtime activates makes them feel involved and in control, which can help ease them to bed. Put them in charge of brushing their teeth, putting on their pyjamas and choosing a bedtime story to give them some control over their night-time routine.

For older children, get them to pack their school bag ready for the day ahead, lay out their uniform, and read by themselves (if they enjoy it) before settling down to bed.

Avoid screens close to sleep time

It’s well known that screen time right before sleep makes it difficult to switch off. Make your child’s room a screen free zone in the evening and get them away from tablets, phones and TVs for at least an hour before bed.

Make sure the room is ready for sleep

Bright, cluttered spaces aren’t beneficial for sleep. Make sure your child’s room is tidy and dimly lit. Lots of youngsters don’t like to sleep in total darkness, so invest in a night light that will offer a comforting, but not distracting glow.

child playing on an iPad

siblings running in a park

Play energetically in the day

Getting your child ready for bed starts with a fun filled day that uses their energy. Get them moving by playing outdoors, dancing, climbing and running around with their friends. That way, they’ll be tired enough to sleep each night.

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We hope you’ve found our tips for creating positive bedtime routines for your children. What do you find useful when getting your kids to go to sleep? Drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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