How to make the school run easier

Now that the kids are back to school, you might be finding the mornings a little stressful. Getting everyone out of the door with all the things they’ll need for the day can be a real headache.

You need to make sure everyone has had a good breakfast, bushes their teeth, has the right uniform on, all bright and early on a morning. With the added time pressure of having to get to school on time, things can get a little tense in the morning.

That’s why we’ve put together some tips for how to make the school run easier. Following these  simple steps can make your mornings a little less stressful and help get everyone to school, happy and ready to learn.

child with a backpack walking to school

Use natural light

One of the best ways to get sleepy kids to get out of bed is to let the natural light do the hard work for you. The morning light will help wake your kids up naturally and hopefully avoid grumpiness.

Keep the same routine

Knowing exactly what’s expected of them in the morning will give less room for tantrums or time-consuming deviations from your schedule. This can be whatever works for you, but having a familiar, comfortable routine will help keep your mornings simple.

Set bedtime boundaries

We all know the benefits of getting the kids into a good bedtime routine. Making sure they have a consistent bedtime schedule ensures they get a good night’s sleep avoiding cranky, uncooperative children in the morning.

Pack the lunches early

After the kids go to bed, before you start to relax, pack their lunches for the next day and pop them in the fridge. This will save you lots of time in the morning and make sure there’s a healthy, nutritious meal for your family every day.

Lay out the uniform

Being able to quickly get the kids into the right uniform will also help keep your morning stress free and much more positive. We know how easily jumpers go astray and that one shoe is often nowhere to be found. Set out your children’s outfits and pack any PE clothes and equipment the night before.

Make sure you’re dressed before the kids too. You can’t tell them off for not having their uniform on if you’re not ready to go!

Stay calm (we know it’s not easy!)

If you start to panic or get snappy, your children will respond. Kids pick up on the moods of the adults around them, so if they can tell you’re tense, they will be too. A whole unhappy family won’t make for an easy school run and will likely set you all up for a bad day. Even if things aren’t going your way and time is ticking on, try to stay calm and focused on the tasks at hand.

brother and sister holidng hands and walking to school

child eating cereal

Make time for breakfast

You all need a good breakfast. A healthy meal gives you and the kids the energy to start the day right. Plan time to sit down and have a healthy breakfast together. This is also a great chance to chat with your kids about the day ahead and find out what they’ll be up to.

Create a happy environment

If you can keep the kids happy in the morning, getting them to school will be much more pleasant. Let them ride to school on their scooters or bikes if that’s what they want. You’ll save yourself the tantrum and dragging of feet.

Play a game as you walk or drive to keep them occupied and engaged. Happy kids equals a happy school run.

Share your tips

We hope these tips will help you get out the door on time and in a positive mood. What are your tips making the school run easier for your family?

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