A short history of swings

Everyone loves to soar through the air on the swings. No matter how old you are, if you see an empty swing, you’re going to sit on it. They’re absolutely fantastic and are an absolute must on the playground.

Have you ever wondered how swings came to be such a playtime favourite? We have, and we thought we’d share a brief history of swings with you.

You might be surprised to discover that humans have been enjoying swings since at least the 5th century B.C. Early Ancient Greek vases have been discovered with artist impressions of women and children on swings. Isn’t that fantastic?

It’s easy to believe that swinging goes back even further than the Ancient Greeks in human history too. We can picture our early ancestors grabbing a vine and swinging on trees just to enjoy the simple pleasure it brings.

Over the centuries, the way we’ve made swings has changed, but the basic idea has remained the same. Ancient swings were made of wooden sticks or planks and rope that hung delicately from trees. Now, we fashion sturdier constructions from metal, plastic, treated, manufactured woods and other innovative materials.

Swings for children really grew in popularity in the nineteenth century. As the Victorian era progressed, child labor laws began to take shape. Rather than working, children had much more time to play. Parks and playgrounds were created specifically for them and swings were incredibly popular.

Swing sets continued to develop into the fun, safe playground equipment we all know and love today. With concerns for the safety of our children while they’re at play, swing design has changed to include some really innovative safety features as well as specially designed playground flooring.

And we haven’t stopped there. Have you seen the fantastic basket swing design that allows multiple people to share the swinging experience? We’re sure you’re already familiar with the adapted cradle seat swing design for toddlers too?

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